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IAM The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) tried to raise the standard of driving by having an "Advanced" driving test. This used to cost £139 to buy a "Skill For Life", and on passing you became an IAM member. There were many benefits including reduced insurance quotes and local groups who organised days out to skid pans and driving events etc. There used to be a quarterly magazine though haven't had one for some time. The website now seems to offer "driving courses" and doesn't seem to work properly.


Where to find out more? The Institute of Advanced Motorists, IAM House, 510 Chiswick High Road, LONDON W4 5RG, United Kingdom. Tel: 020 8996 9600, Fax: 020 8996 9601 (24 Hour).

I joined the IAM in 1976

There is a spin off group run by an IAM member who has an advanced driving forum which is open to anybody - now free again. This too offers "driving courses". Advanced driving forum.


ABD The Alliance of British Drivers campaign for us hard-done by motorists. They are a non profitable organization frequently called upon by the media.


Motoring News

Jun 2020 I note the London Congestion Charge is increasing to £15.00 per day - wow, a good reason not to go to London.

Nov 2019 Tailgaters. I am one of the very few motorists that drive to the speed limits (silly though they are, the original "Captain Slow").

I have no patience with other drivers that drive so close behind me that they can get into my boot.

I appreciate other cars may be in a hurry, but it's not a race. Please overtake me (when safe to do so), but don't cut me up.

June 2019 I want to buy a new car. I just found out that newish models are fitted with the silly "Stop Start" system. This means when you coast up to traffic lights / give-ways etc the engine switches off - talk about stupid. I wonder who thought of that daft idea. This puts extra strain on the starter motor / battery etc continually restarting. I shall not buy a new car - I will look for an "older" model that doesn't have this fault.

8 Apr 2019 Ultra Low Congestion charge in London.

Sep 2018 I notice that my local Sainsburys (Dunstable) have put threatening signs up in their car park (talk about forcing customers away).

23 Oct 2017 Commuters hit with extra £10 charge when driving into London.

Jan 2017 Like most of current websites beginning with "https" the IAM website is completely inaccessible with older browsers.

Apr 2016 The Institute of Advanced Motorists is now IAM RoadSmart. Not sure I like this. They have "re-branded". The magazine is now nearly all adverts with very little motoring matters.

Nov 10 2015:Milton Keynes quadruples parking charges in time for Christmas. A good reason not to go to MK.

June 16 2014: London Congestion Charge hiked up to £11.50 per day. A good reason not to go to London.

Comment 17 May 2014 09:30am: I have just been overtaken by a tw*t in a black BMW while stopped at a red traffic light. I stopped easily on the line but this idiot overtook me (on a red) and sped off into Dunstable. I hope he was flashed by the speed trap a few yards away!

Aug 2013 It's done!. The local council have hacked my road down to 20mph. So much for Public Opinion!. As cars get more powerful and brakes etc get more efficient, Dunstable Town Council follow Luton and reduce the speed limits. They have indeed declared war on the motorist. We're going back to the dark days of the Ford Model T of the 1920's. Why do we not see speed limits increased ? (answers on a postcard......).

Comment: We notice that most motorists, boy racers included are taking no notice whatsoever of the new silly speed limits. The only way to stop my road becoming a "rat run" is to remove the 4 speed traps from the adjacent road. That will never happen as they make too much money for the council.

Feb 2013 - Proposals to reduce the speed limits in Dunstable (home of Bedford Trucks etc) down to 20 mph - the loony lefties and car haters are out in force!

September 2010 HMGov announce the hated M4 Bus Lane will be removed.

August 2010 Luton, Bedfordshire (home of Vauxhall Motors) has most side streets hacked down to 20 mph.

30 Sept 2009 The Alliance of British Drivers have started a campaign HERE. Please, help us to get the UK moving again.

3 April 2009 Government announce new regulations for Cowboy Wheel Clampers.

9 March 2009 Government plan to reduce all country roads speed limits to 50MPH.

1 Jan 2009 IAM huge increase in subscription fees from £17.50 to an alarming £28. How can they justify this?

12 December 2008 The people of Manchester vote to reject Congestion Charging.

23 Oct 2008, At Last! - Swindon sees sense and dumps Speed Cameras.

8 July 2008 proposed £25 congestion charge increase scrapped. Nice one Boris!

31 March 2008. Changes in Parking Regulations. Road Traffic Act 1991 (part6). Pay up to £120 in London!

March 2008 Car Share lanes idea on M1 Motorway abandoned

Oops, now the Government try the road charging debate again. About Turn!

17 October 2007 Happiness turns to dispair as Government abandon road charging and plan 20mph speed limits. Lewisham are first to go.

27 July 2007 Manchester Congestion Charging debate.

Road Charging: See Peter Roberts (The Travel Tax guy) new website Drivers Alliance.

27 Feb 2007. The fine for using a mobile phone whilst driving increases from £30 to £60 plus three penalty points on your license.

The Central London Congestion Charging zone will expand westward from 19th February 2007. Once the extended scheme comes into operation, the charging hours within the zone will be shortened by 30 minutes from 7:00 am to 6.30pm to 7.00am to 6.00pm.

Association of British Drivers Association of British Drivers

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Just got a CTEK XS3600 Battery charger, supposedly"The Smartest Battery Charger in the World". I'll see if it can recover my faulty battery. Update Yes it did!. The clever unit changes it's mode during the charge cycle. It charges at full current right up to maximum voltage whereupon the charger returns to zero. Charging starts up again immediately and keeps on in this way by sending pulses of energy to the battery. This can recover slightly Sulphated batteries. Very impressed. It took three days though. A review is here.

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