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RSGB5th July 2013 - The RSGB celebrates 100 years service to the "Ham" community. There are a number of commemorative items available through the RSGB Shop including a tie / mugs and also there is a limited edition Morse Key available from the Society made by Vibroplex. Also there is a free pass for licenced hams to Bletchley Park event on 5th July, available on the RSGB website.

The RSGB HQ closes 21 April - 25 April 2008 for move from Potters Bar to Bedford.

Radio Amateurs will soon not have to keep a logbook. Major changes due to the AmateurRadio License in October 2006. Ofcom documents here. The introduction of new lifetime license has been delayed until 1 Dec 2006.

Citizen's Band radio is set to be de-regulated from 8 December 2007, following changes to the Wireless Telegraphy Regulations 2006. CB operators will be able use their radio without the need to obtain a licence.


BARTGThe British Amateur Radio Teledata Group website is here.


Useful Ham Websites

RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain)

BARTG (British AmateurRadio Teledata Group)

DDRC (Dunstable Downs Radio Club boot sale)

DDRC (Dunstable Downs Radio Club)

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Icom UK website

International Marconi Day 25 Apr 2009


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