Printed Circuit Design Cad


As a keen electronics enthusiast I started using the Seetrax Ranger Cad system about 15 years ago . I have produced many designs including an Ultrasonic welder for an engineering company in Hitchin. The Seetrax Ranger software was one of the first to "Autoroute" the printed circuit board i.e. lay down tracks and connections between components. The latest version Ranger 2XL (1.79) has many features and can use other external routers (Cadence / Cooper & Chyan / Electra etc).

Mechanical Drawing Cad

In a previous job I wrote a manual for an ATE test system. I did all the drawings at first using Drafix Quickstart CAD System which ran under MS-DOS 4.0. My PC was quite slow (a Viglen 386) but it did produce good drawings but I had the problem of how to get them into Aldus PageMaker which ran under Windows 2.0. I resorted to "plotting" them to the serial port (COM1) and receiving them on another computer (yes it was my trusty BBC Micro!). I had to "Kermit" the files back into the PC in order to place them in PageMaker. Quite a complex process. I later bought Drafix Cad Ultra which had the option to Save in HPGL ".plt" format which was a revelation! I've been using Drafix for years but it is primarily a "DOS 6.22" program. I recently found a superb CAD program called DeltaCad which runs under Windows (95/98/ME/2K/XP) and is quite cheap ($39.95). It is quoted as being the World's easiest Cad software to use. A few small problems though (it doesn't do Metric - but the latest one does) but very worthwile. It reads and writes ".dwg and .dxf" files which means it can import / export Autocad drawings including my old Drafix files.


I've had many problems outputting A3 cad drawings to my Roland DXY-1200 plotter. I've tried many dozens of drivers. (It worked fine on DOS 6.22). Finally I found a driver that does work with the Roland under XP (and Windows 2000) so now I can output anything again. It's downloadable here.

What's New

DeltaCad release version 8.0


Seetrax XL Designer



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