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1 Corruption of Poi ".csv" files for SatNav's here.


1 Problems with the Panasonic DMR-85H DVD Recorder Hard Drive

The Panasonic has died again, this time with a switch-mode power supply fault, sometimes taking an hour and a half to turn on. It's gotta go! Anybody have any comments about the Topfield TF5800 pvr?

2 The continuing saga of the Panasonic DMR-85H DVD Recorder

3 Yet again the Panasonic DMR-85H DVD Recorder died!

It seems that Topfield has gone the same way as AlertMe and lost the plot judging by the artical on Good job we never bought one!

New - The Panasonic finally died. I tweeked it, fixed it three times and mollycoddled it for 9 years but it finally gave up the ghost. I binned it after first removing the 80GB drive.

Just got a new Humax HDR Fox T2 and loaded the Custom Firmware - very impressed.


  1. I get an AlertMe home security system here
  2. I get a new Vonage phone system here


  1. Ascii Code Table 0 - 128
  2. Decibel Voltage and Power calculator wheels
  3. Hayes Modem Command Set


  1. Steinberg MyMP3 Pro4 patch
  2. Steinberg Recorder Update 14-09-2004

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Edimax routers & switches



CCleaner - Freeware Windows Optimization

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