Industry News

10 Dec 2019 Wiki stops working (the online encyclopedia). How can they turn so many people away ?

31 Oct 2017 Alertme System finally switched off. The company sold to British Gas some time ago.

21 July 2016 Japan to stop making VCR's. No More Video Cassette recorder engines. BBC News

4 Nov 2015 HM Government announce Snoopers Charter. All ISP's have to keep your Internet browsing history for 1 year.

29 Jul 2015 Microsoft announce Windows 10 - no more new OS versions only updates.

2 Feb 2015 Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled with faster cpu and more memory.

9 Oct 2014 Tesco launch Hudl 2 Android tablet.

8 April 2014 Microsoft stop Support for Windows XP with Service Pack 3.

1 Nov 2013 O2 email closes. Anything with will stop working.

17 Oct 2013 Microsoft launch Windows 8.1 Update.

15 Oct 2013 Argos launch their own Android tablet the "MyTablet".

30 Sep 2013 Tesco launch Hudl Android tablet.

26 Sep 2013 Bletchley Park opens up Turing Exhibition in Hut 11 to the public.

24 Sep 2013 Ebay and Argos announce 'click-and-collect' tie-up.

22 Oct 2009 Microsoft launch the successor to Vista - Windows 7

Nasty! - email me to find out why Analogic Ltd, Kingston-on-Thames, are on my black list.

20 Mar 2009 Microsoft launch Internet Explorer 8

5 Nov 2008 Microsoft officially retires Windows 3.1 after 18 years (I'm still using it!).

17 June 2008 Mozilla Firefox 3 available - get ready for "Download Day"!

15 May 2008 Currys Digital (Dixons) to close 77 stores. Major restructure including PCWorld.

6 May 2008 Microsoft finally release XP SP3 (at last!). A 544mb ISO or get it by Windows Update.

6 May 2008 BBC and ITV launch free Satellite service to rival Freeview - Freesat

21 Jan 2008 Currys to stop selling Analogue tv sets.

17 October 2007 Whitehaven, Cumbria first to switch off Analogue tv signal. Get Freeview NOW!

18 April 2007 Mozilla launch email client Thunderbird 2

1 Apr 2007 The National Physical Laboratory time standard MSF will be moving from Rugby to Anthorn in Cumbria.

20 Feb 2007 - Microsoft modify WGA - Windows Genuine Advantage "to be more friendly".

8 Feb 2007 NTL Telewest and Virgin all become Virgin Media.

30 Jan 2007 PC World says farewell to floppy disks. No more 1.44mb disks on sale.

30 January 2007 Microsoft Vista available for all.

30 Nov 2006 Microsoft launch the long awaited "Windows Vista" operating system for Business users and Office 2007.

24 Oct 2006 Mozilla to launch Firefox 2

19 Oct 2006 Microsoft launch Internet Explorer 7

10 Oct 2006 Microsoft stop Support for older XP Service pack 1 versions. Everyone upgrade to SP2.

1 Oct 2006 Age discrimination laws UK.

21 August 2006 Royal Mail change letter and parcel pricing to include size.

13 August 2006 WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). PDF

July 2006 Symantec jump onto the Microsoft bandwagon by stopping Support of Windows 98SE products.

July 2006 Zone Labs follow Microsoft. The last Zone Alarm Firewall that works with Windows 98SE is 6.1.744.001. The current version 6.5.737.000 and works with Windows 2000 plus.

11 July 2006 Microsoft to stop Support for Windows 98SE.

4 July 2006 eBay to incorporate "Skype Me" into their website. Here.

1 July 2006 RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive comes into force. PDF

Lead Free soldering coming soon.