X10 Cocktail Audio Radio

The X10 is (an Internet) radio with an internal 500Gb hard drive. This enables you to RIP and play / store CD's and audio from various sources in a variety of formats ie MP3 / FLAC / WAV / OGG etc. I've had my X10 for quite some time (it has now been superceded with X100) and I have about 90 CD's stored which I can play whenever I wish (there is even a web interface so you don't even have to touch the radio). The system that works best for me is to RIP the CD at 192Kbps as MP3 and import the CD cover image into the sound file (about 300 x 300 30K works best), and add it over my network to the X10 database. I prefer to RIP the CD's outside the X10 ever since I got a bad CD stuck in the internal X10 CD drive. The X10 is very versatile and will play just about anything - I wouldn't be without it.

Music Digitising


I have a large quantity of old Vinyl Albums from the 70's and 80's which haven't been played for years. I thought I would bring them up to date and write them to CD. This is proving quite a job. Firstly I am having to scan in the album covers on the smaller records (7 inch records and EP's - remember them!). Secondly I am digitising the tracks to FLAC using Audacity. Getting the track names is quite difficult. I have laboriously typed in a few into a cue file from the album sleeve, also I have used but had a disagreement with them. I am using an ION usb turntable to play the vinyl. Also I'm using MP3 Tag Tools 1.2 to add the ID3 tags to each track and entering extra information into the cue files using CUEMASTER. The LP sleeves I am photographing and editing / cropping with Paintshop Pro. This has a marvelous feature of being able to "square up" the 12inch LP covers when I photograph them (very time consuming though).

The whole collection of about 200 albums, 160 singles and 96 tapes will fit on a single DVD. It's amazing how much storage we have these days.

I purchased a QNAP NAS to store the Music. The plan is to upload all the tracks to the NAS so I can play them with just a few mouseclicks.

Free Music

The Qnap NAS contains a few "Sample Tracks". Two in particular by a guy called "Dan O'Connor" in a Spanish Guitar style. His work is available for free if your interested.